Mooring Services

Annual Mooring Service $275.00 per season includes:


cleaning and inspection of mooring equipment replacement of worn equipment as needed (replaced equipment not included in annual mooring service) re-stenciling of mooring buoy installation of mooring pennants prior to launch date (Please notify us of date you want mooring ready by) notify Harbormaster’s office of work performed.


cleaning and inspection of mooring equipment remove pennants from mooring, pressure wash, and store for winter months any pennants needing work or replacement will be done over the winter and placed back on your mooring in the spring (replaced equipment not included in annual mooring service) replacement of worn equipment if absolutely necessary.

In addition to the Spring & Fall service covered under the Jordan’s Marine annual mooring service contract, we conduct regular visual mooring inspections throughout the summer. We will reposition or relocate moorings to avoid problems. If there are storms during the boating season we will promptly inspect your mooring and contact you if anything needs to be replaced.

Also, beginning this coming fall, we will be charging a nominal fee for providing winter storage for pickup buoys. If you plan to store your own pickup buoy, please remove it from your pennants prior to the end of the season, before your boat is hauled. For those who wish for us to store their pickup buoys, we will remove them when we service your mooring in the fall, store them and place them back on your mooring the following spring. We are not responsible for lost or missing pickup buoys.

Mooring Pennants

5/8″ x 10′ Double – $140
3/4″ x 12′ Double – $180
1″ x 15′ Double – $315

Custom sizes available; please call for details

All Mooring Pennants are made in Marblehead!

Special Offer For New Annual Mooring Service Customers

Problem with your Mooring? Contact us. We will address the problem promptly and take appropriate action as soon as possible to keep your mooring and boat safe as well as other moorings and boats, located in the harbor. If you are unable to contact us we recommend that you contact the Marblehead Harbormaster, or your yacht club or launch provider dock master for assistance until the situation can be resolved. This may require that you be placed on another mooring or a float temporarily to avoid damage to your boat.

Mooring Emergencies

Should you have a problem with your mooring, I would recommend taking one of the following steps:

  • Contact Jordan Marine 781-631-5992
  • Contact Marblehead Harbormaster 781-631-7888 or VHF Channel 16
  • Contact your yacht club

It is never a good idea to tie up your boat to a mooring you know is faulty and then try and deal with the problem onshore.  Find an alternative place to keep your boat temporarily while you straighten out the problem.

Call Jordan Marine for all your diving needs.

Richie Jordan is a diver of harborwide fame.  He has been called part Cousteau, part Dirk Pitt,  and part Aquaman by those who should know.

A clean bottom could make your boat go faster, and it sure will look better.

Rich is also available to change zincs, retrieve jewelry, and extract evidence.

Call Jordan Marine at 781-631-5992